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Digestive Health

The Peacekeepers We All Need!

This week, I want to chat about the peacekeepers YOU NEED in your body to ensure it stays healthy and resilient, which is what we all want, yes? Our peacekeepers, aka  antioxidants , do an amazing job at helping shield our cells from harmful free...

Meal Spacing for a Metabolic Win

Do you ever feel like your meals and snacks are playing a game of hide and seek with your energy levels?  If so, it might be time to start mastering meal spacing! Shall we? Your body does pretty amazing things when there's food in the system... and equally...

Macros, explained (and a SPECIAL OFFER!)

What are macros, and why are so many people talking about counting them?  Macro is short for macronutrient. There are (only) three macronutrients- protein, carbohydrate, and fat. They all provide energy, but in varying amounts; fat provides more energy per gram...

Dive in Deep for Your RIGHT Answers!

In the quest for better health, it's easy to grasp quick fixes/diets/pills/supplements/(___fill in the bank) to relieve symptoms. The problem is that band-aid, or temporary, solutions don't provide the actual answers to health problems. They're, at best, a magic...

How Hangry are You?

Have you ever been hangry? You know, when your mood drops to anger and irritability either in between meals or if you've waited too long before eating? Well, it's real, and this study validates it! This is one of the first studies to explore how hunger...

Vegetables vs Fruits: If You Had to Choose One

In the quest for wellness, one of the first action items that come to mind is eating more fruits and vegetables. How many? Which ones? They’re valid questions but let’s start by clearing this up: when it comes to fruits and vegetables, consider changing the phrase to vegetables and fruits.