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How Hangry are You?

Jul 7, 2022 | Digestive Health

Have you ever been hangry? You know, when your mood drops to anger and irritability either in between meals or if you’ve waited too long before eating? Well, it’s real, and this study validates it! This is one of the first studies to explore how hunger affects emotions as people go about their daily lives. Psychologists found that the more hungry people felt, the angrier – or more hangry – they became.

There are other reasons for being hangry. If you experience constant hunger, It’s not just about willpower or the lack of it. Inefficient digestion and absorption of nutrients, uncontrolled inflammation, or faulty detoxification, to name a few, can all contribute to hunger. Resetting your gut health and understanding which body systems need fine-tuning is the true path to quenching hunger and better health. Here are three tips to use right now to start to reset gut health:

  1. Cut back on processed foods – these foods wreak havoc on good gut bacteria. If your diet is heavily processed, try a meal or upgrade one of your processed staples for the unprocessed version.
  2. Start incorporating PREbiotic foods regularly (download this pdf list). Start with two servings per day.
  3. Get your zzzs. No, Joke. Poor quality sleep (less than 6 hours) directly affects hunger and satiety hormones for the following day. A good night’s sleep can save you up to 450 unwanted calories the next day.

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