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Sep 15, 2022 | Digestive Health

In the quest for better health, it’s easy to grasp quick fixes/diets/pills/supplements/(___fill in the bank) to relieve symptoms. The problem is that band-aid, or temporary, solutions don’t provide the actual answers to health problems. They’re, at best, a magic bullet that won’t address underlying issues.

A few examples include:

  • Got a headache? Take an Advil.
  • Bad skin? Apply this cream.
  • Reflux? Drink this.
  • Want to lose weight? Try this diet.

Advocate for treating the cause of the issue vs. focusing only on symptom relief. Headaches, acne, pain, bloating, weight gain, and overheating, are all ways our body is letting us know there is a deeper issue. Do you have the right provider in your corner to help care for your health at the root level? Which is the best type?

-An integrative practitioner looks at the body as a whole rather than individual symptoms.

-A functional practitioner seeks to understand and address the biological root cause.

Both should be used for preventative care or focusing around improving or reversing existing health issues.

In my search for wellness, I struggled with many symptoms of inflammation – bloating, weight resistance, constant hunger, sleepless nights, hormone and blood sugar imbalance, and more. If I had chosen to rely solely on pills, frills, and tricks, all of those symptoms would have turned into chronic health problems. As I understood my DNA, my root cause was inefficiency in detoxifying. That’s what was causing the inflammation response. Once I knew this I could now target detoxification in my lifestyle – and yes, my symptoms resolved!

Have you solved or have been able to manage your health at its core level? Reply to let me know.

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