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Why to Eat Until You’re 80% Full

Mar 9, 2023 | Digestive Health, Gut-Brain, Healthy Habits, Weight Management

Eat until you are 80% full. What does that mean? 🤔

If hunger falls on a scale from 1-10 (1 being so ravenous you’d eat the table and 10 means you’re so uncomfortable because you’ve overeaten that you need to lie down or are sweating), about a 6-7 on that scale is where we want to fall at the end of the meal. Why? Because that number is likely going to be one higher about 30-45 minutes later.

The goal after eating should be to feel satisfied and not hungry anymore, rather than full. That’s the best way the body can digest food, let nutrients do their job, and let you move on to the next activity feeling content or energized as opposed to fatigued and lethargic. Overconsumption increases stress on the body.

How to eat until you’re 80% full

⚡️ Take a pause when you are starting to eat. This helps you focus and slow down as you are about to nourish your body.

⚡️ Stop at the point where you are curious about what more you could eat (this will take practice).

⚡️ Eat regular meals throughout the day to help stabilize blood sugar levels. It’s hard to recognize satiety cues when the focus is on trying to quench hunger pangs.

⚡️ Stay hydrated.

⚡️ Note your fullness level 30 minutes AFTER you’ve eaten. You’ll likely feel more full at this point, which can help you gauge better when to stop eating at meals.

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