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I help YOU who, despite being on one or more medications and experiencing one or more symptoms of feeling unwell, aren’t feeling as well as you can. You deserve to live your best 365.

My Story

Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN, CHWC

For as long as I can remember, from growing up to three pregnancies and beyond, I’ve had a sensitivity to foods, medications and elements of the environment. I’ve always been a barometer for all things inflammatory. While I’ve been frustrated on many occasions, I consider myself fortunate to have avoided numerous diagnoses commonly given to those who struggle with heightened inflammatory responses. I’m a Dietitian by trade, yet I’ve suffered along with you — the brain fog, bloating, digestive ups and downs, aches and pains, weight resistance and food cravings. The sleepless nights. I too have thrown medication at my ailments along the way based on symptoms, not root causes. These are things I wouldn’t share with many people because, how strange, right? This constellation of symptoms couldn’t possibly be happening to others.

Just when I’d resolved to a life filled with the consequences of inflammation, I took advantage of present-day technology and evidenced-based research to find my customized, root cause of food and chemical sensitivities that wreaked havoc on my immune system. I finally began to heal by choosing anti-inflammatory foods tailored to calm my system, supplementing correctly to support and repair the gut-brain connection without needing to drastically change aspects of my lifestyle to something I no longer recognize.

I feel the effects of inflammation acutely, and, as a result, understanding its origin has become my life’s passion. I work to help others who suffer from these symptoms feel better! We get to the root cause by incorporating food as medicine and the RIGHT forms of vitamins, minerals and supplements for realistic, effective and lasting change.

You CAN feel better. Are you in?

Alisa takes the time to know her clients; it’s not a one size fits all. She listened to my needs and explained her approach at every step.

—Jihane R.

I would recommend Alisa to anyone looking to make a positive change in their nutrition. Worth every dime.

—Lawrence D.

Alisa has great insight to the interconnected functions of the body; it’s very validating after all the doctors who merely viewed my symptoms through one lens rather than the whole.

—Sarah F.

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