Live Your Best 365 with Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN, CHWC, DipACLM

I help YOU who, despite being on one or more medications and experiencing one or more symptoms of feeling unwell, aren’t feeling as well as you can. You deserve to live your best 365.


The RIGHT changes to lifestyle habits will have the biggest impact. What works for one may not necessarily work for another. There is no blanket formula; it has to be about what works best for you.

Many times we fall victim to a number on the scale. What’s going on inside our body is often overlooked. The changes we make on the inside can just as dramatically impact our quality of life. I have clients who haven’t lost significant amounts of weight but were able to sleep better, have more energy, eliminate joint pain and acid reflux, ditch their food cravings, lose the bloat and think clearer by following their nutrition plan.

Did you know? – 85% of serotonin, the feel good chemical, is produced in the gut. Maximizing nutrition to help heal the gut microbiome increases serotonin by increasing communication between the gut and the brain.

The majority of clients with whom I work take a daily medication, supplement or are grasping at straws in using over the counter remedies to relieve symptoms while not addressing the root cause. I’m asked frequently if supplements and alternative nutrition therapies are harmful or beneficial. The answer is they can be both. It’s important to look at food, medication and supplement use when developing any wellness goal. Timing, food intake and supplementation all impact the metabolism and efficacy of the medication and/or supplement.

Did you know? – Sleep is crucial to the achievement of any wellness goal. Melatonin is the hormone involved sleep wake cycles and is found in food sources. Try 1-2 tablespoons of unsalted walnuts and ½ cup of fresh or frozen cherries in the later part of the day to help with sleep.

We are inundated with sources of nutrition information today. I help separate myth from fact and translate the science of nutrition into common day use. When we work together on diet and lifestyle change, I’m your accountability partner in healing your gut and guiding you through new breakthroughs toward getting to the root cause of your symptoms.

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Alisa has great insight to the interconnected functions of the body; it’s very validating after all the doctors who merely viewed my symptoms through one lens rather than the whole.

—Sarah F.

Anyone that is struggling with health issues needs to do this for their future health. It is worth the investment in money and time!

—Susan G.

Alisa has an approach to every challenge I see and helps me find a doable solution.

—Karen F.

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