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Vegetables vs Fruits: If You Had to Choose One

Jun 16, 2022 | Digestive Health, Healthy Habits

In the quest for wellness, one of the first action items that come to mind is eating more fruits and vegetables. How many? Which ones? They’re valid questions but let’s start by clearing this up: when it comes to fruits and vegetables, consider changing the phrase to vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables slightly outweigh their antioxidant, prebiotic, and nutrient profile power compared to fruits; there are a few exceptions, of course, and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat fruit! If the goal is for 8+ servings per day from vegetables and fruits combined, slant the ratio in favor of vegetables to fruits, 5:3.

More vegetables also help with better digestion which is the key to better health. Two main ways to improve digestion are to increase fiber intake, especially prebiotic fiber, and balance blood sugar levels. You’re covered when increasing vegetable intake because you’ll increase your fiber intake, which will better balance blood sugar levels. Vegetables also contain potent compounds that activate detoxification processes in the body.

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