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Immune Health

Hunger vs Appetite

What's the difference between hunger vs. appetite? Appetite is the natural desire a person feels to eat food. It differs from hunger, the body's response to not having enough food. So, a person can be hungry with no appetite, have an appetite with no signs of hunger,...

Nutrition & Immunity Series Episode 4: Inflammation

COVID-19 induces an inflammatory response that can target the lungs, heart, kidneys or inflame overall body systems. For example, we are newly learning of virus-related cases developing in children. It’s not surprising that the vitamins and minerals we talked about before in this series, Vitamin C, D and Zinc all act as anti-inflammatories and have shown promise as treatments.

Nutrition & Immunity Series Episode 2: Zinc

Zinc is essential, which means we can’t produce or store it so it has to be consumed regularly in sufficient amounts. It naturally occurs in some foods, is added to others, and is available as a dietary supplement. It is required to activate immune function reactions in our bodies so our immune system can do its job.