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Straight Talk on Liquid Nutrition


It’s finally here, the end of 2020! Will you savor a hot chocolate or toast the midnight hour? However you choose to celebrate, reflect, and close out the year, choose with intention. Take moments to reap the benefits of a healthier 2021.

​Drinking mindlessly, with or without alcohol, can pack on calories, additives, lethargy, and eventually, pounds. I’m not popping in here to tell you to swap out all your celebratory favorites for plain ol’ water. In fact, here are a few ways you can indulge:

​First, limit the carbonation. Carbonated drinks, even plain seltzer, can start or worsen tummy troubles. Combine carbonation with flavor enhancers and alcohol and your stomach may not thank you hours later.

Next, choose drinks without additives, preservatives, or high amounts of added sugar. These can throw off blood sugar balance and entice your taste buds: a combination destined for portion distortion.

Finally, commit to nine sips! Really, nine sips. You’ll get enough to be satisfied, try a few different drinks, and you’ll be inclined to slow down, and savor your surroundings throughout the evening.

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year filled will laughter, health, and good cheer!

In health,

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