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Nov 17, 2022 | Healthy Habits

What would your answer be if anyone asked you how many different foods you eat each week? 10? 15? 20+? Think of your foods each week, including spices, and get out a list (yes, seriously).

Variety in the diet, especially with plant foods, will better your overall health. Choosing different (unprocessed) foods each week broadens the types of nutrients we need and increases the good gut bacteria to stay healthy. How many foods should we aim for? Glad you asked. 30+. Yes. 30.

How many were on your list? Here’s what you can do to increase those numbers:

  1. Change up the fruits, vegetables, spices, and nuts on your grocery list this week (frozen are good sources, too).
  2. Add one tablespoon of nuts daily to supply your body with minerals better and help your metabolism.
  3. Add beans and seeds to your salads or side dishes.
  4. Choose a different spice or herb to cook with each week.

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