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Unlock Your Best Health with the 6 Pillars: Are You Ready?

Aug 24, 2023 | Healthy Habits, Self-Care

What defines your health? It’s not just one aspect of behavior or lifestyle; it’s different pieces or parts that, when put together, sustain the best health. A common framework for this is the six pillars of health. There are various versions: this one is adapted from the American College of Lifestyle Medicine.

1. A whole-food, plant-inclusive eating pattern

  • Eat one plant-based meal daily.
  • Add two servings of vegetables for lunch and dinner.

2. Physical activity

  • Add ten more minutes of movement to your current activity schedule.

3. Restorative, or quality, sleep

  • Six hours of quality sleep nightly counts as restorative.
  • Create a nighttime environment conducive to sleep (limit caffeine from late afternoon, turn off screens, cool down the temperature).

4. Stress management

  • Practice intentional breathing exercises.
  • Practice meditation, or stillness, for 5 minutes daily.

5. Positive, meaningful social connections

  • Connect with someone on a personal level routinely.
  • Give someone else a significant compliment.

6. Avoidance of risky substances

  • Cut back on amounts of alcohol, tobacco, or stimulants.
  • Explore your reactions to your thoughts, feelings, and environment. Can you upgrade to a healthier outlet?

Which of the six do you have down pat? Could one or more of the six use a little help? Any answer is OK. Start from where you’re at. Enrich your life, emotionally and physically, for your best health.

Insights to your best health lie in knowing your DNA. Let’s connect and get you on the right track. Reply to this email and tell me you’re ready to start living your best, 365!

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