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The Art of Moderation

Stepping Rocks

What an interesting week, yes? In the spirit of breaking precedents, I have a quick bite for you.

How well do you walk the moderation line?

There are generally two ways to perceive moderation: if I include something notoriously ‘off-limits’ in my diet or health plan, in smaller amounts, how will I be able to stop myself once I start? Or the flip side, I can have part of anything as long as I don’t eat the WHOLE thing. Do you, or anyone you know, leave that one little bite of something in the refrigerator or the cupboard to justify any food choice?

Wherever you stand on the moderation concept, please consider this: moderation is personal. What works for you doesn’t always work for others. Mindful eating is different from a lack of accountability for behavior and lifestyle choices.

If there’s no tracking how often and by how much you’re veering off track, how will you know if you’ve been moderating?

What can you do?

Take stock of your recommended targets for food (protein, fat, carbohydrates, water, and ballpark calories) and activity.

Log what you’re actually doing for the first five or seven days of each month. Logging for a portion of the month allows for flexibility in tracking for the month’s remainder while providing a routine reality check.

Feel free to reach out for guidance; I’m always here to help.

Above all, practice self-care and compassion along the way! If you’d like to learn more about food affecting mood, healing, and balance, join my Facebook community group, Food Sanctuary.

​In health,

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