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Spring cleaning for your health

Mar 18, 2022 | Healthy Habits, Toxins

Have you been spring cleaning? What about a spring reboot for your health? It seems like just yesterday, New Year’s goals were set to shake off holiday overindulgences. If that didn’t go according to plan, don’t fret!

Where to start? Good health begins with healthy digestion. Healthy digestion allows us to maximize our ability to absorb good quality nutrients and help remove toxins by literally moving things through faster. Start with these two steps:

Aim to meet your daily water needs (half your weight in pounds as ounces) and commit to at least one unprocessed, plant-centered meal a day. Hydration will revive reactions in the body and move things through, while your body will thank you for the nutrients it recognizes for restoration and repair when you choose that unprocessed, plant-centered meal!

Head over to the FREE Facebook group, Food Sanctuary, for more tips to rev up your digestive health and steps you can take to naturally detox. 


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