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Remember to Floss

Mar 26, 2020 | Healthy Habits

Dental floss

We are in uncharted territory. 

If we spend too much time worrying about a big picture, negative thoughts can intrude and leave us feeling overwhelmed and immobilized. As times grow more uncertain, we risk narrowing our thinking to that of only the present (to only our hands in front of our face, so to speak) instead of looking to the future when this too shall pass, somehow, some way. 

We may start to neglect what we consider the simple, but important, tasks in life such as flossing.

Long term effects of poor nutrition and lifestyle choices are well known. These same poor choices also leave their mark in the present. Lack of schedules, increased emotional stress and fewer stress release outlets are all justifications why people turn to food for solace and soothing. In these scenarios, the right food choices and portion sizes often take a backseat to emotionally-driven cravings.

What CAN we do? 

1. Focus on good quality food over processed that will help protect the immune system to fight or ward off illness, keep mental clarity, and improve sleep quality.

2. Find structure within the non-structure. Maintain some schedule throughout the day. Eating meals 4-5 hours apart with maybe a planned afternoon snack.

3. Maintain a commitment to eat until you are approximately 80% full, or when you’re no longer hungry but feel satisfied for the moment. Chronic overeating, especially the consumption of poor quality foods, puts enormous pressure on our systems by spiking inflammation. In turn, our immune response is weakened.

4. Write your plan down, add a note to your smartphone, shout it to the rooftops to be accountable to yourself & others. Declaring your commitment makes it real.

Take a moment to think of the future, even if only six months from now. Do the things today that we know allow for a more positive future while affording a more positive present. 

Remember to floss.

In good health,

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