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Just Say Yes (to Dessert)!

Mar 30, 2023 | Healthy Habits, Self-Care, Weight Management

Can you have your cake ‌and‌ eat it too?

Yes! Is everything a free-for-all that won’t affect your mood or your health? Of course not. But there are upgrades throughout your day that can help mood and metabolism while not having to give up your favorite dessert or sweets.

If you have a sweet tooth and enjoy dessert but are on a health and nutrition journey, skipping dessert altogether could backfire by;

  • increased feelings of deprivation.
  • a higher risk of overeating as a result of feeling restricted.
  • harder to stay focused on balancing the proportion of sweets to the rest of your diet.
  • blood sugar imbalances from eating or overeating sweets and over-processed foods on an empty stomach.

How can you upgrade your dessert?

  • Choose a lower-sugar or no-sugar option (bonus points to do this without an artificial sweetener).
  • Try higher protein options such as ½ – ¾ cup low-fat ricotta cheese, topped with added berries, cinnamon, and drizzled honey.
  • Opt for a higher cacao percentage chocolate (60% or higher cacao for dark chocolate, 43% cacao content for milk chocolate) to decrease the sugar and increase antioxidants.
  • Add whole fruit when possible!
  • Know your DNA. Specific genes will give you your story of how sweets are best tolerated.

Knowing your DNA can give you personalized answers to your best health. If you have any questions, reply here to email me or head over to my website for a complimentary session.

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