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Eat Better NOW: Episode One, Salt

Dec 3, 2020 | Digestive Health

This week starts a 4-part series inviting you to take steps NOW, through the holidays, to eat better – not wait until the new year (or until the heavens part) to live your best health vision!

Let’s get into it by starting with three ways to slash salt.

Salt, sodium, sodium, salt. Okay, technically, table salt is 40% sodium but I’ll use those interchangeably for today’s purposes.

So, what does salt do in the body? Sodium sits outside cells. When sodium levels are high, it attracts and holds water. Water retention and high blood pressure happen as the excess fluid compresses vessels, raising the pressure needed for the water to pass through. What can you do?

First, ditch the saltshaker. That’s one obvious way to lower salt intake; however, I won’t say it’s an easy removal because it’s not for some people.

Next, swap out one or more processed foods or meals for its unprocessed alternative. 70% of sodium in diets comes from packaged and restaurant foods. Canned soups, for example, can contain 700-1000 mg of sodium per serving. Make a version of your own, and you now have the potential for that same type of soup but with 75% less sodium.

Lastly, when choosing lower salt alternatives, make sure to season your food! Visualize a plain chicken breast, potato, and steamed broccoli. No wonder you’re calling for takeout! You’re not destined to eat bland, unflavored food to lighten up the salt intake. Mix it up by using garlic and onion for poultry, mint on salads or grains, nutmeg on potato or in soups, or dill or basil on seafood to get started.

The good news? Salt is an acquired taste, which means that, over time, your taste buds adapt.

Where will you start to slash the salt?

Hit reply and let me know.

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