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Bye-Bye Boredom Snacking

Jul 16, 2020 | Healthy Habits, Weight Management

Are the actions you’re taking today in line with your wellness goals for the future? If you aren’t making much progress, you’re missing something. In case you didn’t see this week’s live version, watch it above.

Did you say, out loud, to the universe that you were going to stop eating after dinner as a pathway to a healthier lifestyle? Have days now rolled into weeks of snacking after dinner? If that’s the case, your day-to-day actions aren’t matching long term goals. Now’s the time to take action and not let those goals become some far-reaching fantasy.

Recently, that’s what happened to me. Personally, my after-dinner snacking was getting a little out of control. It would be mostly healthy, but I am human too. I’d start out having a healthy snack then maybe a little bit more…and more… before I knew it I was into a ‘what did I do’ pattern. My own wellness goals became further and further out of reach the more my day-to-day actions veered off track.

I attended a virtual conference last week. We had a goal setting exercise where you could choose a business or personal goal. The exercise began by asking what you’re doing right now to work toward your goal. Hmm… I found myself staring at a blank piece of paper with nothing to add! At that moment, I realized that the only plan I had for not eating after dinner was to sit tight, close my eyes, and brace for the evening. No wonder! How can I possibly get to where I want to be without a daily direction outlined to get me there?

Let’s tackle after-dinner snacking together. Is your dinner so clean that you end up getting hungry after because you didn’t eat enough? Do you tend to snack if you’re with other people? By yourself? Do you need to move yourself to another room, away from the kitchen? Are there tasks, chores, or hobbies you’d like to complete but starting is overwhelming and eating is the easier choice? It’s important to dive further into your challenges and make a plan for conquering them.

When it came to a structure for my evenings, I learned I had none. I’m not great at starting grandiose projects in the evenings, but if boredom snacking was creeping in, I needed SOMETHING in place. For me, I chose two goals: to eat more at dinner and schedule a 30 or 60 minute time period where I would start a task, chore or hobby.

I’ll let you know what happens…

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t fret! It’s never too late to fine-tune or revamp day-to-day actions to make your long term wellness goals a reality. Reply and let me know where your challenges lie. Living your best 365 means you’re showing up every day somehow, someway.

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