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Are you Over-Caffeinated?

Mar 2, 2023 | Healthy Habits

Are you Over-Caffeinated?🤔

Are you someone who can’t get going in the morning or can’t function in the late afternoon until you’ve had a large cup of joe? Or you struggle to wind down at the end of a long day? Are you one of those individuals who boast that caffeine doesn’t affect you?

Caffeine, in balance, makes us more alert, increases cognitive focus, and gives us more energy.

Caffeine is everywhere! It’s in coffee, energy drinks, tea, soft drinks, supplements, chocolate, and protein bars; the list is endless—and you might be consuming too much of it. Caffeine is a stimulant (and technically a toxin 👀).

Consuming too much caffeine can negatively affect the body and your overall health. These include increased insulin levels, frequent hunger pains, fatigue (yep), sleep disturbances, digestive woes, high heart rate, lean protein breakdown, headaches, and irritability.

If you recognize these signs, you may be consuming too much caffeine.

Sudden Hunger After Your Morning Coffee

Caffeinated coffee can increase insulin production on an empty stomach, leaving you ravenous.

You’re Not Sleeping Well

Caffeine is a stimulant, and some people find they are more sensitive to it than others. If you struggle with your nightly ZZZs, try going caffeine-free for the latter half of your day (from 2:00 PM) and see if that makes a difference.

You Don’t Know Where Caffeine is Hiding

Coffee, tea, soda, and chocolate are the most known sources of caffeine. Some medications also contain caffeine. Check labels!

You Boast That Caffeine Doesn’t Affect You.

Caffeine is supposed to amp our central nervous system and heart rate to give us its benefits. While too much caffeine can cause nervousness, irritability, stomach upset, and muscle tremors, another effect is putting a strain on adrenal glands, and the opposite, or fatigue, can result.

How individuals metabolize caffeine or toxins from the body is something to pay attention to. Knowing your DNA can give you some answers; I can guide you! Visit liveyourbest365.com to book a complimentary call or hit ‘reply’ and send me an email.

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