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3 Simple Strategies to Sleep Soundly

Feb 27, 2020 | Healthy Habits, Weight Management

Choppy, interrupted sleep can wreck havoc on inflammation by

  1. decreasing leptin hormone levels so you just can’t get full the next day.
  2. Increasing ghrelin hormone levels, which makes you hungrier all day long.
  3. Keeping you tired = poor food choices the next day (in my world it’s called ‘mouth hunger’).
  4. Limit caffeine and chocolate in the later afternoon/evening hours. We know caffeine acts as a stimulant but so can components in chocolate that aren’t caffeine.
  5. Cut the carbohydrate intake! Carbohydrates should mostly be eaten before evening. Calorie for calorie, we metabolize a higher carbohydrate meal better during the day than we do in the evening.
  6. Move! Rhythmic, repetitive movements increase serotonin to the brain which helps us sleep better.

Breaking the seemingly never-ending cycle of bad sleep habits can feel daunting, but these simple steps will help you achieve improved sleep practices. Most importantly, catch those zzz’s

In good health,

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