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Use This One Concept for Better Health in 2023

Dec 22, 2022 | Self-Care

As 2022 comes to a close and you reflect on accomplishments and challenges and set the tone for the New Year, how will 2023 be better for your health? Can you visualize what healthy looks and feels like in your life? Not just for a meal or a workout but how to navigate your days, weeks, and beyond?

I want to share one concept to carry you through this last stretch of the year that you can start today (yes, before January 1st 😄)!

Make regular eating a priority.

It’s not important whether your day has two or three meals or you don’t have a meal as soon as you start your day. Start with trying to space at least two meals during the day four hours apart. This helps your body’s natural detox system, boosts metabolism, balances hormones, and balances blood sugar. It’s common to under or overeat at a meal until you find the balance of what keeps you satisfied, not overfull, through four hours later. That’s ok!

You’ll never check getting healthy off your to-do list, but you can establish habits so engrained in your days you’ll be able to create a healthier lifestyle in other areas besides your meals!

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