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Stay with YOURSELF this Holiday Season!

Dec 1, 2022 | Self-Care

The holiday season is officially upon us! Many people approach the holiday season with a negative lens because of so many temptations and gatherings surrounding food. It’s unnecessary to put your health on hold until January because temptation comes knocking more often this time of year! Take small, consistent steps for your health throughout the holiday season, and you’ll be ahead come January with all of its weight loss-centered mantras.

Are you considering some accountability for your health this season? Does the program, or provider, you’re considering:

  1. Provide personalized and tailored strategies for you? Or is it more of a one-size-fits-all?
  2. Give you access to a nutrition professional? Is the foundation for the program both science and practice-based? The right people should be your resource for credible information and to guide you.
  3. Allow you to ‘see’ or envision your journey? What planned celebrations do you have in place? How are you to navigate roadblocks and frustrations?
  4. Include Meal plans or food delivery? A good program will give you real-life examples, and real-time adjustments as life gets in the way.
  5. Shy away from “off-limit” foods? Yes, there’s room for all foods. Any elimination component should be temporary.
  6. Include some component of tracking? How will you know what’s working without any tracking?
  7. Improve your overall health? There are more aspects of good health than just weight loss, and a good program should include both.

YES, you can partake in your favorite holiday dishes and treats while listening to your body’s cues to prevent overindulgence and make time for movement. Remember – put on your oxygen mask first!

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