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May 5, 2022 | Genetics and Nutrition

Have you heard the term ‘personalization’ regarding your health and wellness recommendations? Well, it’s true – the best advice for you should consider your lifestyle, health, and genetic history. Often, we take to generic advice and try to make that fit into our lives when, in reality, general guidance can have some benefit, some advice won’t apply, and a particular direction runs the risk of hampering your wellness efforts.

How can you spot the difference between general advice and personalized? Here are a few examples:

General advice – Lower the salt in your diet.

Personalized – Ditch the salt shaker you use at dinner every day and, instead, pair your meals with flavorful, specific spices that would align with your health history.

General advice– Detox your body with a special tea or smoothie.

Personalized – Know your DNA to learn if you need to pay extra attention to detoxification and learn to feed your genes with the exact nutrients they need to run better.

General advice – Eat less processed foods.

Personalized – Upgrade your weekend cake treat to a fruit compote or a chocolate mousse (download this recipe.)

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