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Do the holidays throw you off track?

Dec 8, 2022 | Self-Care

Do the holidays throw you off track? 

You aren’t alone! Many of us get overwhelmed and feel out of control over the holidays because most of our daily structure is interrupted by something—whether it’s family, social events, travel, extravagant meals, or all of the above!

Just because you are surrounded by amazing food, family, and friends and the warm fuzzy feelings the holiday season brings doesn’t mean you should stop listening to your body’s hunger and fullness cues.

Here are some tips for listening to your body while still enjoying your favorite foods and beverages this holiday season:

🎄 Try to keep to a (loosely structured) eating schedule. Maybe a later first meal and lunch to time a dinner social event 4 hours later. Don’t ditch your regular meals.

🎄 Continue to prioritize movement in your day. Maybe yoga or stretching, or suggest a family walk after dinner!

🎄 Slow it down! Meal time doesn’t need to be rushed. Slowing down when we eat allows the time needed to reach fullness without getting overfull.

🎄 Listen to your body. Those deep breaths, sighs, and burps are signs of satiety.

You’ve got this!

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