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Detox Done Right

Mar 23, 2023 | Toxins

Did you know that your body is detoxifying right now? This very minute.

The body is a well-designed machine that can detox without all the gimmicks and diet potions! Some of us detoxify better than others, however. That information lies in your DNA. That’s what I learned when I looked at my DNA. My detoxification genes need some serious daily help!

Here are some of the many signs your body might be detoxing at a sub-optimal level: difficulty losing weight, low energy, food and environmental sensitivities, bloating, mood shifts, and more.

A detoxifying powerhouse enzyme in the body is called Nrf2 (not Nerf-2 🤣). What should you want to know about this enzyme?

How to activate it.

Use these tips to help activate Nrf2:

  1. Choose cruciferous vegetables, especially broccoli. Broccoli contains a compound (sulforaphane) that directly wakes up this enzyme.
  2. Create a 12-13 hour fasting window daily. A longer window is rarely better or needed.
  3. Space at least two meals 4 hours apart. The time created in between meals activates other enzymes to activate Nrf2.
  4. Sweat. Layer up when walking, find a sauna, or grab a lower-impact workout in a heated room. Sweating releases toxins, especially sweating at rest or during lower-impact activities.
  5. Consider knowing your DNA. Answers to how well you detoxify lie in your genes.

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