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What IF?

Welcome to the third in this Eat Better NOW series inviting you to eat better NOW instead of waiting until the new year to get into gear💥!

This week we’re going right to it. WHAT IF you lost the desire to snack? Yes, it’s possible. Think about how you feel just after eating a comfortably-sized meal. You’re not thinking about eating and are truly focused on the next task or activity at hand. Blissful, huh?

Try these three hacks to get you to a similar place:

  1. Include a good quality protein at lunch or dinner to keep you fuller longer (think salmon, tofu, egg whites).
  2. Have some fat, yes fat, with your afternoon snack. Add plant based milk or 2% milk to hot, decaf coffee or tea. Include 🥑, hummus, or two tablespoons of nuts. The added fat will help stabilize insulin levels and zap cravings.
  3. Try green or black tea. Both contain L-theanine, an amino acid found most commonly in tea leaves. It’s known for promoting calmness without drowsiness, which is especially helpful to knock out cravings if you snack to soothe. 🍵 will generally have a higher L-theanine content than black tea, and yes you can use decaf.

Give one a try to stop food cravings in their tracks 👊🏼!

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