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Feb 10, 2022 | Energy, Food as Medicine

About caffeine, are you getting too much, not enough, or just right? Guess what? You’re supposed to feel a bit jittery after the equivalent of 2 cups of caffeinated coffee or tea. It’s a healthy signal from our adrenal (fight or flight) glands.

Here are some pros and cons to that morning cup of joe.


  • Coffee contains caffeine which stimulates the body. Caffeine can be helpful to motivate you to exercise, support mental focus., promote brain chemicals that help positive mood and can assist with memory. A good rule of thumb is to limit to 2 cups per day.


  • Caffeine isn’t tolerated well by all and can interfere with sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar balance, mood, and hydration if taken in excess (coffee itself, however, does count toward your water intake). Some people take longer to metabolize caffeine so it’s effects will stay in the body longer.

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