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Wait! What?? Coming OUT of quarantine?

Mar 7, 2021 | Healthy Habits, Hot Topics

When the pandemic started, people couldn’t see further than their hands in front of their faces. Schedules went awry, you were narrowly focused on whether or not you would get Covid-19, and how you could boost your immune function.

​This is one of the first times to start to look forward … and with it comes that same weight loss goal, whether a few pounds have been added to the challenge because of quarantine.

​Moving out of quarantine will be a process, much as there’s been an evolution to quarantine as the norm.

What have you learned?

Sit down in a quiet moment and list the advantages or positive habits you’ve created as a result of the situation. Choose one, this isn’t a marathon, and decide how you can keep aspects of that habit or pattern that are working for you as you return to social engagements.

For example, when going out to dinner, the entire menu is fair game. There’s no need to be restricted by an entrée and a host of courses for your meal. Choose an appetizer and a side vegetable as your main meal. Ask the waitstaff to bring your food when others are being served their main courses. You’ll leave the table feeling lighter, satisfied as opposed to being overfull, and you’ll have enjoyed the company and surroundings.


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