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What’s Gone RIGHT?

Dec 24, 2020 | Healthy Habits, Weight Management

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This year has thrown us all sorts of twists, turns, and loops. We’ve been challenged to adapt, create, resign, and resolve as we haven’t before. Or have we? Chances are, how you responded to situations in the past isn’t that different from how you’ve approached the havoc of 2020. SOME things must have gone right, yes? What pattern or habit have you had to change that went in your favor?

​Aspects of this year have certainly rocked my foundation. There were times when I couldn’t fathom my hand in front of my face, let alone one foot in front of the other. Since I’ve always been a glass-half-full and action sort of person, I did eventually put one foot in front of the other.

​Take the example of my eating and food patterns. Seeing family and friends is invaluable to my identity. Still, late dinners with extended conversation too often led to exaggerated portions, interrupted sleep, bloating, tight clothing, and other digestive issues. There was seemingly never enough time to recover before the next social event. My walls were closing in.

Since the pandemic, we eat earlier, order take-out for part of the dinner, or gravitate to tea instead of a (much too often) dessert. Gone was the bloating, interrupted sleep, and tight clothing! I chose to declare to my family these newfound observations, and we brainstormed as to how to maneuver moving forward when life resumes to its new phase. We thought of suggesting to family and friends an earlier start time for events, leaving a restaurant for a walk or to our house for conversation and tea, or sharing entrees more often when we dine out.

What changes have gone right for you? What have you done in the past to evolve from unexpected change and triumph for yourself and those you love? I’d bet it wasn’t ALL bad, and I’d bet there are similarities in your coping skills, whether that comes from within or seeking out the help you need to succeed.

So, as 2020 ends and we glimpse the horizon of 2021, I challenge you to think back on this year. How have you adapted to changes in your health and wellness patterns? Develop your plan to take what’s going RIGHT into the New Year and beyond.

I wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

​In health,

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