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A friendly reminder about words to yourself

Apr 20, 2023 | Healthy Habits, Self-Care

Words matter. They do.

Your dialogue with yourself, whether out loud or within your mind, can have a significant impact. The path to improving health and nutrition is sometimes linear. Show yourself kindness and compassion. If it doesn’t feel quite right at first, that’s ok! All new habits take time.

The next time you catch yourself in these common traps, why not try the alternative?

Embrace ‘I choose to’ instead of ‘I have to.’

‘I will take 10 minutes after dinner, or while dinner is cooking, to meal prep’ instead of ‘I don’t have time to meal prep.’

‘I’ll try what I can for this meal (or this day)’ instead of ‘Next time.’

‘I did (fill in the blank) for me today’ instead of ‘I can’t do anything.’

‘I will be there for myself’ instead of ‘I’m scared to try.’

‘I can do hard things’ instead of ‘This is too hard.’

Speak kindly to yourself and give yourself grace. You’ll be surprised how positive thoughts and framing shape attitude, potential, and success. Nobody is perfect, and you’re doing your best. 💗

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