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Reflect, Reset, & Recharge to end 2022

Dec 29, 2022 | Self-Care

This year has been filled with experiences and emotions, some filling me with warmth and others challenging me. As I reflect, recharge, and reset from 2022, I am grateful for YOU, my community, an acceptance of some of the hardships this year, and the commitment to place both feet forward in 2023.

How will you reflect, reset, and recharge to close out 2022 and embrace the New Year?

Could you reflect on how your year went? What was a win? A challenge? What will you continue in 2023, what will you change, and what will you let go of? Celebrate your accomplishments. Honor you. No win is too small in the name of health.

Recharge and take care of yourself. How does self-care show up for you? Extra sleep? Reading, a craft, nature, connection, or stillness? Whatever your method, could you take some minutes to add that to the coming days?

Reset by spending some time creating new goals based on your accomplishments from this past year. Take the past with you, don’t brush it away, and use it to empower yourself moving forward.

Happy and Healthy New Year. See you in 2023!