Quality-foods-selected-by-a-dietitianThe right changes to diet habits will have the biggest impact. What works for one may not necessarily work for another.  There is no blanket formula; it has to be about what works best for you.

Many times we fall victim to a number on the scale. What’s going on inside your body is often overlooked. The changes we make on the inside can just as dramatically impact our quality of life. I have clients who haven’t lost significant amounts of weight but were able to reduce the amount or eliminate some of their medications while following their nutrition plan.

Studies show adults and seniors have done well to decrease simple sugars from their diets but still lack the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients crucial to both the prevention and improvement of chronic conditions

The majority of clients with whom I work take at least one daily medication.  I’m asked frequently if supplements and alternative nutrition therapies are harmful or beneficial in this situation. The answer is they can be both.  It’s important to look at food, medication and supplement use when developing a wellness goal. Timing, food intake and supplementation affect the metabolism and the effect of medications.

Break up weekly grocery shopping.  Shop on Sunday for the weekdays and Thursday for the weekends.  You’re more likely to save money and use the foods you’ve bought.

We are inundated with sources of nutrition information today. I help separate myth from fact and translate the science of nutrition into common day use. I’ll help you discover that the prevention or improvement of any chronic condition can be achieved through diet and lifestyle change.



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