Live Your Best 365 with Alisa Bloom, MPH, RDN, LDN, CHWC, DipACLM

I help YOU who, despite being on one or more medications and experiencing one or more symptoms of feeling unwell, aren’t feeling as well as you can. You deserve to live your best 365.

Your Foundation RX FAQs

It’s too expensive

I get it, online purchase can seem daunting. Who am I anyways? Well I encourage you to check out my bio and my credentials to know I am a fully qualified, and respected Dietitian and Health Coach who has been developing this course over a number of years. The cost of this program is far less than working 1:1 with a Dietitian or Coach (ranging from $1500-2500 for the same timeframe). Also, consider the savings you will make after taking this course. Good health is an investment in YOU, if you’re ready. The most recent annual cost per person for diabetes care is $16750 (source 2017, ADA). 

I’ve tried everything before. Will this work for me?

The short answer is YES… but you want the long answer so here it is… Other programs, plans, or diets usually focus on quick fixes.  Many never get to the root causes in order to achieve optimal health. We’ll be changing your body from the inside out and teach you a plan to follow for the long term. 

Will it involve too much meal planning?

My system is all about what works for a busy lifestyle. So I guide you in building routines to cut down on unnecessary planning and provide you with tools to make the “planning” easy. My process breaks the week into two segments; the weekday and the weekend. This helps manage and pare down planning, budgeting, shopping, cooking and meal prepping (and allow for some take-out if you choose).

Will it be expensive to purchase the foods to support the programs?

This program is designed to work for YOU and your lifestyle. Every step of the way you will be incorporating strategies and adapting them to meet your needs. There are many options for the foods mentioned throughout the course. The choice to get a gourmet (aka expensive) version of the same food or its less expensive counterpart will be up to you.

Are they foods I recognize?

Absolutely! This course uses real food, found in regular grocery stores. You may make a nutrition upgrade and try something new or learn to use some of your tried-and-true favorites in new, and healthier, ways.

Are you telling me I have to be vegan?

Definitely not. In fact, being 100% vegan isn’t necessary to reap the benefits of more plants. There’ll be a threshold where adding more plants to your diet will be enough to shift your profile for better health; from no matter where you start!

Do I have to give up my favorite foods forever?

Nope. Once you’ve changed your microbiome (the environment inside your gut) you’ll be able to bring back reasonable portions of your favorites without as big of a consequence. You’ll also be introduced to a host of delicious, easy to prepare recipes!

I am on various medications. will this interfere?

This is not a program to take the place of your current medications as prescribed by your healthcare provider. The course uses real food without supplemental meal replacements. A supplement evaluation will accompany the supplement upgrade offered with the course. If you have specific questions, it’s always good to check with your healthcare provider.

Is this a fast?

This is not a fast, a cleanse, a detox, a diet, or (fill in the blank).  You’ll be eating less as your microbiome shifts. Think about this: if you choose to not to eat after dinner (with or without a small dessert), then don’t eat until breakfast or midmorning the next day, you may have passed 12 hours in between eating. Boom. You’ve technically fasted. That’s as far as this program goes.

What if I have food intolerances?

The foods recommended within the program can ALL be modified for various situations. There will be multiple opportunities to ask your questions throughout the program. If you have additional concerns, you can always bring the menus to your healthcare provider.

Is this course only about changing what you eat?

Nutrition is only one component of a healthy lifestyle. While the course’s main focus is on nutrition, we’ll incorporate lifestyle components such as sleep, stress, hormones, and mindset.

It sounds too good to be true.  Why?

Perhaps you’ve been willing to do all the things before, but were you doing the RIGHT things? The right things done at an incremental pace will set you on a path for wellness that you’ll be able to incorporate far beyond the length of this course. And, there’s a money-back guarantee.

Anyone that is struggling with health issues needs to do this for their future health. It is worth the investment in money and time!

—Susan G.

Alisa has great insight to the interconnected functions of the body; it’s very validating after all the doctors who merely viewed my symptoms through one lens rather than the whole.

—Sarah F.

Alisa has an approach to every challenge I see and helps me find a doable solution.

—Karen F.

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